Archos Allwinner A31 based Retina tablet

Archos is definitely using the ODM arm of Onda, Neostra as earlier with Neostra Onda Android Tablets [, Jan 18, 2011]. So this Archos 97B Platinum product is essentially the same as the Onda V972 described earlier in Allwinner A31 SoC is here with products and the A20 SoC, its A10 pin-compatible dual-core is coming in February 2013 [Dec 10, 2012] and AllWinner A31 with PowerVR graphics [Jan 3, 2013] here. Note that they will have the equivalent of Onda V812 (described in the same posts) as well named Archos 80 Platinum, as mentined below. While in China the list price is ¥ 1399.00 [US$ 225]  (¥ 1299.00 [US$ 208] retail) for V972 and ¥ 999.00 [US$ 160] for V812 (¥ 899.00 [US$ 144] retail) here we are talking $299 in US and Euro299 in Europe for the V972 equivalent, and $199 and Euro 199 for the V812 equivalent one.

Archos Platinum 8”, 9.7” Retina, first Allwinner A31 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 40% cheaper than Apple [Charbax YouTube channel, Jan 13, 2013]

Archos launches new tablets on the all-new Allwinner A31 processor platform, which is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with SGX544 GPU. The price is $199 for 8″ 1024×768 (40% cheaper than iPad Mini), $299 for 9.7″ Retina (40% cheaper than the iPad4).

CES 2013: Archos 97B Platinum set to rival iPad 4 [ITProPortal, Jan 9, 2013]

Archos “Elements” tablets will welcome four more devices soon with the 97 Platinum, the 80 Platinum, the 97B Titanium and the 80 Titanium.

Other than the fact that they all look a lot like the iPad and the ipad mini, these four tablets sport official Google Certification, something that our Archos interlocutor was keen to stress.

The flagship product will be the Archos 97 Platinum and will carry a suggested retail price of $299.99, which should translate into a RRP of around £200 in the UK which is not a lot of money for what it offers.

That tablet is reassuringly heavy with a glass panel that covers an IPS 2,048×1,536 screen and an aluminium chassis sporting a white and silver colour scheme.

Other features are just as impressive bearing in mind that it should cost around half the price of the Apple iPad 4. No TI OMAP SoCs here, instead there’s an Allwinner A31 quad-core one (based on the Cortex-A7, not the A9) with a staggering 8-core [8 shader] GPU from PowerVR (possibly the SGX554).

Also on the spec list are 2GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Wi-Fi, a rear camera and a front facing one, a microUSB port, HDMI and a microSD card slot.

The 97B Titanium is a notch down the 97 Platinum and has a SRP $50 lower than the latter. It comes with the same screen with 1GB of RAM, a dual-core SoC (a Rockchip RK3066 based on the Cortex-A9) with a quad-core GPU.

Archos 97 Platinum with Retina Display Hands On [tabtechde YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2013] – This is a Hands On with the Archos 97 Platinum. Archos 97 Platinum is coming with a Quad Core Allwinner CPU and the Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 Pixel.

Hands-on: Archos 97B Platinum [CNET, Jan 9, 2012]

LAS VEGAS, US–How low can tablet prices go this year? If the Archos 97B Platinum is any indication, you can soon get a pretty good slate for US$299.

The company showed off the latest tablets in its Archos Elements series at CES 2013 and its high-end 97B Platinum caught our eye. This 9.7-inch slate looks really attractive with its silver aluminum chassis, and more importantly, it has a 2,048 x 1,536-pixel screen resolution that’s identical to the Retina display-equipped iPad.

Archos was keen to impress us with the fact that, like all the other Archos Elements devices, the 97B Platinum is Google certified, which is often not the case for budget tablets. However, we were more impressed by the hardware on the 97B Platinum, especially that high-resolution IPS display.

The processor isn’t too shabby either–we were told it’s an Allwinner A31 quad-core processor with eight-core [8 shader] graphics (PowerVR SGX 544). It also comes with 2GB of RAM, which makes for a rather fluid experience when we played around with this Android 4.1 tablet. It also has front- and rear-facing cameras, though we didn’t manage to get the specifications for those.

The 97B Platinum is only available with Wi-Fi and comes with a micro-USB port and HDMI. There’s a microSD card slot to augment the limited 8GB internal storage.

Archos also has a slightly less powerful version, the 97B Titanium, that has an identical chassis design and screen. The difference lies in the internals–the Titanium, which costs US$250, only has 1GB of RAM and a dual-core processor.

If the Nexus 10 is too expensive for you at US$499, these new Archos tablets may be good alternatives with comparable high-resolution screens. You’ll also get Archos’ media playback app, which has more features than the default Android player.

The Archos 97B Platinum is expected to ship in the US and Europe in April, while the Titanium model will be available in March.


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