$128 (in China) $160 (outside) quad-core Cortex-A7 Android 4.1 tablet (8” IPS V812 sans rear camera) from Onda

Onda (see the ONDA page on this site) is indeed the leading local Chinese brand for the tablets. As it comes out the company started on December 14 an on-line voting campaign for a “best cost-effective” quad-core tablet which could be sold at least in million units in China. With 31453 votes received (with the help of the Chinese microblogging site Weibo) by the target December 24 date they were able to launch first a specialised pre-sales of the new V811 quad-core version on December 25 at the Tmall.com site for that whopping $128 price of the winning configuration. That was followed on January 5 with pre-sales offer outside China on the company’s international sales site for $160.

Note that the much higher price internationally is showing that their real volume target was the Chinese customer! On the local product microsite (launched on Jan 16) they are mainly positioning the V811 quad-core against Apple iPad 2 (also against the Google Nexus 7) which is sold for $399 in the Apple Store with 16GB+WiFi configuration.  Although iPad 2 is a 9.7” tablet whereas the V811 quad-core is only 8” and has no rear camera, the Onda product has 4 times of RAM (2GB), twice the number of CPU cores (4), and higher level GPU (SGX544MP2 vs. SGX543MP2 on the iPad 2 SoC). Even the clock frequency might be a higher one e.g. 1.2 GHz (not yet published by Allwinner neither).

iPad Mini is also mentioned which a closer comparison as Mini’s screen is 7.9” and in other respects it is better than the old iPad 2. Also starting at $329. In terms of video there is a huge V811 quad-core advantage (thanks to the Allwinner A31 SoC) with its ability to play back 4K HD video and by supporting the latest Miracast standard  to beam Full HD 1080p HDMI video over Wi-Fi Display to a properly equipped TV set. Mini is only supporting the Apple specific AirPlay video streaming at up to 720 to 2nd generation Apple TV, and at up to 1080p to a 3d generation Apple TV. Mini is also 1080p capable only at max. And these things even cannot be said about iPad 2.

So Onda was able to bring to the Chinese market a much better, and customized to the local requirements (which cannot be said about Apple’s products), tablet than the Apple Mini at 39% of price. Moreover the price is 11% lower than the $144 V812 which has just an additional rear camera. The company was doing its best to maximize its sales volume on the local market. But even as an international offer the V811 quad-core is quite attractive at 49% of Mini’s price. All this can further move the balance from the international to the internal sales which is quite essential for any local Chinese vendor because of the already much greater purchasing power of the population there. With that leading effort Onda could also significantly increase its brand value, another must for its future as a tablet vendor.

Below you can delve into the details:

Onda V811 quad-core version officially listed nationwide! [Onda microblogging, Jan 22, 2013] as translated by Google

The quad-core processor, 8 [shader] engine the GPU, 2GB dual-channel memory, 8.0-inch 1024 × 768 three generations of IPS screen, forming a metal craft appearance, plus quad-core tablet world’s lowest, must lore 8.0 inches all dual-core tablet! Click on the details [of nationwide availability]: http://t.cn/zYPcuk4


imageThe Onda V811 quad-core version is currently priced at the same price as many dual-core tablets [Onda microblogging, Jan 22, 2013] as translated by Google with manual corrections

[Want to] see how Onda V811 quad-core version kills another 8.0 inch dual-core tablet?


From Questions on Onda V811…:

From Godot at 1/21/13 3:17 AM

  • what is difference between v812 & v811 ? it seems to be same.
  • Onda Tablet:
    Thank you for your mail.
    Onda V812 Quad Core is Dual Camera and Onda V811 Quad Core only have front camera.

From Subin at 1/17/13 4:17 PM

  • Is this tablet is in stock?
    and in how many days will I get it in U.S
  • Onda Tablet:
    Thank you for your mail.
    Onda V811 Quad Core is in stock and ready to send, you will got your 3-5 days.

From Eric at 1/5/13 3:34 PM [i.e. Jan 5, 2013]

  • How to choose color when ordering??
  • Onda Tablet:
    Thank you for your mail.
    Now Onda V811 Quad Core only have black color in stock.

Onda V811 Quad Core Android Tablet PC WIFI HD IPS Screen 2160P 16GB [‘Buy Products’ page on Onda Tablet international sales site, Jan 5, 2013]

Regular Price: $189.90
Special Price: $159.90

Quick Overview

Onda V811 Quad Core Tablet PC Android Tablet with 1024*768 resolution Quad Core CPU and 8 [shader] Core GPU 2160P Dual Front Camera 16GB.

Onda V811 Quad Core Features:

OS:  Android 4.1
CPU: AllWinner A31 Quad Core
GPU: Power VR SGX544MP2 8 Core
RAM     2GB,DDR3
Storage 16GB
Screen: Capacitive Touchscreen, 1024*768 resolution
Size:   8 inch
Resolution: 1024*768 IPS

Onda V811 Quad Core Information:

Screen: 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen, 1024*768 High-resolution IPS Screen
Size:   8 inch
Resolution:    1024*768   Pixels
Gravity Sensor:   Yes
Camera:  Front 0.3M

Onda V811 Quad Core other Features:

Google Play (Play) : Yes
Video     4K HD Video Play, support H.264,VC-1,MPEG-2,MPEG4,XviD/DivX,Real8\9\10,AVI,RM,RMVB,PMP,FLV,MP4,M4V,VOB,WMV,3GP,MKV
Music    MP3 8-48KHZ@8-320KBPS
              WMA 8-48KHZ@8-320KBPS
              WAV 8-48KHZ@n.a /MS-ADPCM/IMA-ADPCM 4bit
              APE 8-48KHZ@V3.95/3.97/3.98/3.99
              FLAC 8-48KHZ@n.a
              OGG 8-48KHZ@n.a
              AAC 8-48KHZ@n.a
Ebook     TXT, PDF, HTML, RTF, FB2
WIFI:    Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
3G :    Not built in, support external 3G USB Dongle
Size:      199.8*152.5*9.8mm
Weight:  478g


See more:
V811 quad-core version (V811四核版) [ONDA 昂达电子 product site, Jan 16, 2013]
Amazing $128 For Onda Quad Core Tablet V811 [shenzhenpc2u.com, Jan 23, 2013]


Recently, this tablet sells at a really low price, $128, in taobao.com. Beyond doubt, the price makes the device more tempting.

The current prices on taobao.com (with ?average? called “reference” price: ¥ 816 [$131]) are mostly ¥ 799.00 [US$ 128] and ¥ 829.00 [US$ 133]. In two places (1 & 2) even ¥ 538.88 [US$ 87], in another one ¥ 799.00 [US$ 105], but there are also others: two (1 & 2) for ¥ 859.00 [$ 138], two in Beijing (1 & 2) ) for ¥ 885.00 [$142]. And the offers are indeed nationwide.

Specialized on-line “CAT” [天猫] (Tmall.com) pre-sale actually was started on December 24 when two messages appeared on the Chinese microblogging network Weibo:

# Onda quad-core tablet # 31453 microblogging users voted Onda # million the custom flatbed God Machine # [Onda microblogging, Dec 24, 2012] as translated by Google

Tablet PC configuration has come. The name of this new generation of cost-effective the God Machine [is] V811 quad-core version. 30,000 users of the collective wisdom, trust! New exclusive debut of the Lynx, so stay tuned! Pre-sale link: http://t.cn/zjWw2g7 [Tmall.com], @天猫[CAT], @天猫电器城[CAT Electric City]@天猫预售[CAT pre-sale] 


Quad-core tablet # # # Onda the people voted customized tablet # [Onda microblogging, Dec 24, 2012] as translated by Google and Bing, with manual corrections

Secret: the birth of the history of the most powerful and cost-effective tablet] December 18, Onda microblogging official website and @天猫[CAT], @天猫预售[CAT pre-sale] the world’s first custom tablet configuration voting ended at 0:00 on the 24th, received 31,453 users vote. The best cost-effective tablet # # # million custom Onda # V811 quad-core version officially released! Tablet specifications with so powerful performance, can it truly be achieved?
<the same image as above PLUS:>

As you could see 3 configurations were offered for voting where major feature set prices were indicated (even a 9.7” Retina screen functionality in the $165.50 custom configuration on the left for $61 vs. the 8” 1024×768 IPS functionality in the two configurations on the right for $35. From the second image you could see that 82.6% of the votes was for the 8” 1024×768 IPS.

In the Commence pre-sale of the million custom Onda: people voted for V811 quad-core version (首款万人票选平板 昂达V811四核版开始预售) [SOSOL, Dec 25, 2012] article you can find all the details. Some excerpts, as translate by Google with a manual correction

  From December 18, Onda official microblogging website and CAT network “best value for money,” [carried out] the world’s first custom Tablet PC configuration voting, the active participation of many users, as of December 24 0 point, received a total of 31453 users vote. …

  First of all, by voting to allow consumers to decide the purchase of what products give users the most realistic demand, Onda and then through these requirements to suppliers centralized procurement of raw materials, thereby reducing production costs, this is the C2B (consumer to manufacturers ) reverse supply chain model change.

  The person in charge of the sale of CAT, Ma Xuejun introduced pre-sale mode can truly the traditional brands advantage in the e-commerce war released. The Central Purchasing pre-sale via the Internet, short time to gather together the dispersed of consumer demand, to the seller a Central Purchasing large orders, the seller in advance to get the orders from the back-end, in the end or front-end of the supply chain optimization, thereby greatly reducing the cost of goods , the lowest quality to consumers, but also the greatest degree of protection of the seller’s profit.

  23 years of history as one of the largest IT vendors, Onda has accumulated a large number of core partners with upstream suppliers, coupled with the huge sales of the Onda Tablet nation’s leading upstream manufacturers to further optimize the cost, so flat overall price more value. Onda customized version of the Tablet PC is the full support of the the chip suppliers Chi with ARM, cost and supply are fully guaranteed! Onda CAT pre-sales, factory outlets, reducing agent link more value for money, the price of natural!


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