Posted in March 2013

Giada (杰拓) might become the most aggressive local brand expanding globally with the latest Allwinner SoC based products

With its latest Motherboard, Graphics card and Mini PC products launched worldwide in 2012 under the Giada (杰拓) brand, the JEHE Group (Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd) introduced its first Allwinner A31 based tablet on its home market. Given the relatively bigger size, portfolio and aggressive global expansion strategy of this Chinese company the … Continue reading

NVIDIA, MediaTek and Qualcomm trying to get their hands on Allwinner–at least partially

First-tier ARM chipmakers reportedly planning measures to link up with Allwinner [DIGITIMES, March 11, 2013] Seeing that China-based ARM chipmakers, in particular Allwinner, are gaining an upper hand in the entry-level processor segment, some first-tier chipmakers are reportedly looking to form partnerships with Allwinner through a strategic alliance, investment or acquisition, according to sources from … Continue reading

A31s and A20 SoCs pre-announcement from Allwinner

Updates: A31 Introduction by Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd [ARM Partners site, March 13, 2013] A31 features: Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU utilising 40nm ARM POP Technology … PMIC AXP221 PMIC AXP221 is specially made for A31 processor, which is capable of dynamic voltage and frequency adjustment. A31 processor can support up to 30 days standby time. Allwinner: … Continue reading