Allwinner A31s SoC arrived with the new Onda V818mini topping Apple iPad mini ($329) at far better price ($145 in China and $170 outside)

After the A31s and A20 SoCs pre-announcement from Allwinner [USD 99 Allwinner, March 4, 2013] at the MWC 2013 the actual introduction of A31s happened with the announcement of the V818mini from Onda. The March 20 event in Guangzhou, China was organized in a very simple way via:

  1. invitation of a few local journalists to the Onda offices
    New Picture
  2. and publishing the event slides on the company’s English facebook site with the following headlines (some images are included here as well, just for illustrative purposes):
    –  Allwinner A31s is the most powerful Quad-Core CPU under ARM architecture for now.
    Eight-Core [just 2 cores each with 4 shaders/pipelines see here] SGX Power VR 544MP2 GPU!
    – Main specifications of Onda V818 mini.
    – Onda V818 mini is as thin as 7.5mm.
    – Onda V818 mini is only 340g.
    – Onda V818 mini is even lighter than a magazine.
    – Cover of Onda V818 mini is made from aluminum.
    New Picture (1)
    – Ultra-thin frame of Onda V818 mini
    – Onda V818 mini’s loudspeaker, which is also used on iPhone 5.
    – Onda V818 mini has a 7,9″ IPS display.
    New Picture (2)
    – MINI, but meets all your needs.
    – More display space than 7″ tablets.
    – Ultra-thin display glass.
    – Exclusive ultra-thin touch panel.
    – Redesigned slots.
    – Front camera of Onda V818 mini.
    – Rear 5M pixel camera.
    – Photos taken by Onda V818 mini
    New Picture
    – 2160P super-HD video is supported on Onda V818 mini.
    – Wi-Fi Display & Wi-Fi Direct.
    – Onda V818 mini comes with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS, and the OS will be upgraded to Android 4.2 soon.
    – Smart Battery Management & Long Standby. The battery capacity is 3700mAh.
    – Top audio recorder.
    – 2160P super-HD video output & Dual-display.
    – OTG device connection.
    – High-speed USB 3.0.
    – Onda V818 mini will be available next month!
  3. plus publication of the product microsite on Onda’s own international retail site, where you can find more information and the $169.90 price
  4. as well as the publication of the A31s product page [March 20, 2013] and the “Phablets” Rage On: Cutting Edge Quad-Core Phablet A31s Processor Officially Announced by Allwinner Technology [March 20, 2013] press release on the Allwinner site (together with the A20 product page for the A20 officially delivered simultaneously)
    FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE THE The phablet and A31s official communications from Allwinner [March 25, 2013] post on this blog.

Note that the previous 8” tablet, the A31-based V812 is sold internationally for $179.90 while in China for just $128 (799 Yuan). Curiously the international price of V812 has been even raised as evidenced by the initial $128 (in China) $160 (outside) quad-core Cortex-A7 Android 4.1 tablet (8” IPS V812 sans rear camera) from Onda [USD 99 Allwinner, Jan 23, 2013] announcement. The internal to China price of the new V818mini is $145 (899 Yuan), as shown below.

There are a number of reports in China about the announcement. I would recommend Small is good! Onda launching Allwinner A31s based new quad-core V818mini tablet [, March 21, 2013] with some highlights giving additional information:
Allwinner director of products, Chen Huafeng (陈华峰) described the Allwinner A31s quad-core processor:
The world’s top eight-core GPU [just 2 cores each with 4 shaders/pipelines see here], performance beyond twice of Tegra 3  
Onda vice president, Liu Hui (柳徽) released the “Onda V818mini” quad-core tablet:
World’s thinnest quad-core tablet, ultra-thin, 7.5mm thin as a paper 

7mm ultra-narrow border, this Chinese tablet so far has the narrowest frame design! 

Ultra-narrow frame design, you can easily held it with one hand
7.9mm gorgeous IPS screen, ultra-high resolution and PPI clearer

Forming one streamlined ultra-thin metal body
New camera chip upgrade, 5MP AF camera, top among tablets 

Leading in the world, top-level 2160P ultra-high definition video playback, 4 times times of the 1080P 

The most complete Android 4.1 system, will be upgraded to Android 4.2 

And the latest Miracast international certification standards, the more to share the fun 

– Shocking 899 Yuan [$145] /16GB price! Put on sale in April nationwide

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