Giada (杰拓) might become the most aggressive local brand expanding globally with the latest Allwinner SoC based products

With its latest Motherboard, Graphics card and Mini PC products launched worldwide in 2012 under the Giada (杰拓) brand, the JEHE Group (Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd) introduced its first Allwinner A31 based tablet on its home market. Given the relatively bigger size, portfolio and aggressive global expansion strategy of this Chinese company the trend described in Expanding globally via first-tier vendors and at home via well known local brands [‘USD 99 Allwinner’, March 8, 2013] might get now a substantial boost in the Allwinner SoC based space as well.

Note that Giada until recently was operating on the international market in the Intel-AMD-Microsoft space only as its first ARM-based products were introduced only at CES 2013. (one of the top 1000 sites in the world) compared the new Allwinner A31 based Giada I980 tablet with Samsung Exynos 4412 (1.2-1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 based quad-core with Mali-400 MP4), NVIDIA Tegra 3 (T30L: (1.2-1.3 GHz Cortex-A9 based quad-core with 416 MHz ULP GeForce), and Rockchip RK3066 (up to 1.6GHz Cortex-A9 dual-core with Mali-400 MP4) based tablets.

The results in relative terms were quite impressive which could indeed provide great opportunity for Giada’s global expansion in 2013:


Samsung Exynos 4412 is used in some version of Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,Samsung Galaxy Camera, Lenovo K860, Newman N2, Ramos W30HD , Meizu MX 4-Core, and Samsung Galaxy Note II
NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30L version is used in Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, Microsoft Surface, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Tablet S, Acer Iconia Tab A210, Lenovo IdeaTab A2109, Toshiba AT300 (Excite 10)
Rockchip RK3066 is used in Teclast P76e Dual-core, Teclast P76t, Teclast P98, Teclast P85, Window (YuanDao) N70S, Window (YuanDao) N101, Cube U9GT3, Cube U9GT4, Cube U21GT ,PIPO S2, Cube U30GT, Cube U9GT V, Cube U18GT Elite Dual Core, CHUWI V8 Dual-core, CHUWI V99, Aoson M11, Pipo S1, Ployer Momo8, Ployer Momo11, Ployer Momo12 etc.

Giada [杰拓] I980 (Extreme quad-core version)

This tablet has essentially the same parameters and price as the pioneering Onda V972:
– List price: ¥ 1299 [$209]
– Retail price: ¥ 1247 [$201]
– Screen: 9.7 inch capacitive touch
– Resolution: 2048×1536 [Retina]
– System Memory: 2GB
– Storage capacity: 16GB Flash flash drive
– Camera: dual cameras (front: 2MP, rear: 5MP)
– Time to market: March 2013

Giada [杰拓] I980 true quad-core data speak [, March 12, 2013]

[IT168 Information] Recently a number of media have erupted in: the New Year 2013 most anticipated high standard quad-core tablet – the Giada 杰拓 I980 detonated following the tablet market primary trends, all businesess are into the hot state tablet upstart.

Quad-Core, listen to it too much, you will be bored. Therefore we will take a look directly at the 12 core Giada 杰拓 I980, where is the strength in the end?image

Giada I980

Giada 杰拓 I980 is reaching Seiko-perfect  shape, alloy integration of the back cover and high gloss tablet screen interface, impressive at first glance. But what makes your heart beat is the perfect integration of the strong quad-core CPU and the eight-core super image processing GPU. It is based on the quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Allwinner processing chip, how strong is its processing performance?


Giada I980

As can be seen from the figure, the Giada 杰拓 I980 equipped with the Allwinner A31 chip (1GHz clock speed) in the AnTuTu V3.0.3 versions of the multiple test scores had about 13,000, just similar to the Tegra3 with 1.3GHz peak frequency from the score point of view, stronger than any Cortex-A9 dual-core chips solutions.

Graphics processing capabilities are extremely important for electronic products. So, what about the performance of the eight-core super image processing of Giada 杰拓 I980?

Giada 杰拓 I980 graphics performance by GLBenchmark2.1.5 and  with Nenamark2 show for everyone, contrast-chip solution for the resolution of 1280 × 800 test results.

Giada 杰拓 I980 graphics processing performance by GLBenchmark2.1.5 and and with Nenamark2 will show you the comparison of chip solutions for the 1280×800 resolution.


Giada I980image

Giada I980

By comparing the above data we can see that the graphics processing performance of the Allwinner A31 chip, equipped and driven with SGX544 MP2, is excellent, the test result of Mali400 MP4 GPU, used in the Samsung Orion version at a high-frequency, is similar, and markedly better than the ULP Geforce GPU on Tegra3.

Having such an excellent 12-core blossoms to complete a variety of games, video processing, a pure zero wait is to own own and experience. You no longer have to endure a hardware being heavy and uncomfortable.For the Giada 杰拓 I980, the core is more than the heart.

Vendor information (currently in Chinese only):

Giada [杰拓] I980 quad-core version [March 6, 2013]


Vendor Background


The Leading Cloud Computing Equipment Supplier-Mini PC / Tablet

The foundation of JEHE (Dongguan) Technology Park
A new milestone of JEHE Group

On June 28, 2012   the foundation ceremony was launched for JEHE (Dongguan) Technology Park in an area of hundreds of acres and located in Leyuan industrial park, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City. It is regarded as a key construction project in Dongguan in 2012. Government officials and JEHE leaders together with more than hundred of JEHE’s staff representatives attended the ceremony and witnessed the great moment in the development history of JEHE Group- A new milestone, which marked JEHE’s great achievement during the process of expanding its operating system and scale and also signified JEHE’s bright future

imageJEHE’s staff representatives in the ceremony

JEHE Group, founded in 1999, has already been developed to be a high-tech computer accessory enterprise with powerful R&D capability and rich production experience. Now JEHE Group has the brands: Giada (杰拓), SL and Yueson, and provides OEM/ODM production and solutions for Motherboard, Graphics card and Mini PC to companies and individuals from home and abroad. Cooperated with world-class IT companies: Intel, NVIDIA and AMD,  JEHE Group has been striving to create brand new standards for tablet and Mini PC in the industry.

imageThe blueprint of JEHE (Dongguan) Technology Park

JEHE(Dongguan)Technology Park is located in Leyuan industrial park, Xiegang Town, Dongguan city with an area of 200 acres (up to 130,000sqm) and investment of 600 million at the first phase. JEHE Group aims to establish a professional and systematical large technology park in order to further expand JEHE’s operating system and scales. Once the new base is established, which means a lot to drive Dongguan economic development while taking full advantage of JEHE’s resource and capital available.


Mr.Lin Kunjie, CEO of JEHE Group, addressed the ceremony

Mr.Lin Kunjie, CEO of JEHE Group, said: “The future JEHE will be continually committed to R&D and sales but also strive to establish advanced and high quality enterprise culture with the support and effort of all JEHE people and the success will be beyond the hundred acre park”

imageThe foundation stone laying ceremony

witnessed by Municipal officials and JEHE’s staff representatives

Hu Yifeng, deputy secretary and mayor of Xiegang town, also said: “JEHE Technology Park is regarded as the key construction project in 2012 in Dongguan and will infuse vigor into Xiegang’s economic development  after completed and contribute to the industrial transformation and upgrading. All people in Xiegang sincerely hope its successful completion and wish JEHE’s better and brighter development in the future.

In the celebration of gongs and drums, the foundation ceremony was commenced in the best wishes of Mr.Chen Wenshen of Dongguan city deputy director, Mr.Lin Kunjie of JEHE’s CEO and JEHE’s staff representatives and announced the beginning of JEHE’s new journey.

See also: Group Profile in Chinese of the Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd (深圳市杰和科技发展有限公司 版权所有)


JEHE Giada (杰拓) Company Profile for CeBit 2012 [Jan 9, 2012]

Company At A Glance

  • GIADA: A brand under Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd
  • The first NVIDIA AIC partner in mainland China
  • The Top 3 Best Seller in China mainland since 2003
  • A leading manufacture in China concentrating on stylish mini PC, All-in-one PC, motherboard and VGA card
  • Over 1000 employees, more then 150 R&D engineers
  • 30 sales offices in China, 1 logistic center in HK, partners over the world




  • Increase resources into R&D, and have built up an experienced team over 150 engineers and focus on Innovation
  • Closely follow the guidance of core partners to develop more competitive products


  • Total 10,000 sqm manufacturing /storage area. More than 700 assemblers
  • 400K VGA card & Mainboard and 100K mini PC per month productivity
  • Sound manufacturing process control & quality control system,
  • ISO9001/14000 complied control
  • All products complied with RoHS CE, FCC, UL certificate

New Industrial Park in Dongguang is under construction

  • Total 50,000 sqm manufacturing /storage area and 10,000 sqm office for R&D
  • New assemblers recruitment will be more than 2000
  • Total 60 Product Lines , Productivity for System (mini PC, AIO & Tablet over 400K PCs/M)
  • (Phase I : 30 Production Lines ready in 2012)
  • (Phase II : 60 Production Lines ready in 2013)


  • Concentrated on brand promotion—-GIADA
  • Develop distribution channel and provide marketing support


  • Global Warranty and technical service
  • RMA center in HK


About Giada [杰拓]



GiadaTechnology is the leading cloud computing equipment supplier. The brand name “Giada” is derived from the Italian meaning “Jade”, which symbolizes the quality and style of each and every product that Giada produces in its state of the art manufacturing facility. With a strong R & D division and product knowledge, Giada has established itself as a leading manufacturer in performance, creativity and design.

“Enrich and improve today’s life style of living and become one of the world’s leading brands in the technology business. We aim to deliver on our promise based on the advantages of our exceptional innovation, quality and style.” says KJ Lin, Giada’s CEO.

The new Giada’s Mini PC will focus on the consumer’s computing needs and versatility in today’s modern world. The high-performance, quiet and eco-friendly (approx. 30W) system is excellent for business and commercial applications (digital signage, healthcare industry, office, and school systems).In addition, Giada’s Mini PC is an idea space-saver for home entertainment systems (blue-ray 2.0 and 1080p) and at home offices.  Giada has produced an assortment of product lines, including a slim system that provides the best solution for a variety of applications for customers and industries. The creation of a mini pc that weights approximately five pounds has revolutionalized the computer industry standards.

Giada other attributes includes numerous recognitions and awards for its continuing commitment and support to meet the highest consumer and environmental standards in the industry. Giada complies with ISO9001/14000 specifications and meets ROHS CE, FCC and UL certifications. Giada leads the industry with key technology for products that excel in terms of intelligent thermal management, graphics performance, materials and environmental protection.

The name “Giada” will mean a commitment to quality, value, fashion, simplicity & high performance. Based on years of experience, Giada looks forward in becoming one of the fastest growing and leading brands in the world.


Witness Giada Technology Bring Their Full Stylish Giada Mini PC Line-ups and New Tablet To CES 2013
Show you the best customer experience in cloud computing

Giada Technology, the globally known manufacturer of mini pc and tablets is going to take part in the annual exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 to exhibit their innovative products with new technologies and applications such as Digital Signage and medical system for cloud computing.


A little more will be coming onto the table at CES with something more special bringing innovation in the tablet market. “‘Style Meets Performance’ is our new company slogan and we always work to be innovative in a stylish way.” said Eric Chang, Giada’s US General Manager. “We’ve come up with something to show our fans next year at the show and we are very excited.”

Giada’s Mini PCs, because of their elegant compact design, is the favorite choice among consumers and business that don’t want to compromise features and performance for the sake of size. Thanks to their stylishly small form-factor and quiet operation, Giada’sMini PCs are ideal for small spaces and quiet environments including home theater use, smaller homes/apartments, and office/home office use will also be presented at the CES.

Product Highlight and Booth

Contact us directly for information regarding products scheduled to be unveiled at the show.

Booth: Las Vegas Convention Center / South Hall 4 / 35275

Giada D2305 –Powerful Entertainment Center

The ultimate home theater PC. Featuring 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Full HD, 7.1 channel, 500GB HDD, Bluetooth® audio, and a Blu-ray Disc™ drive option. Stream videos effortlessly onto your big screen with this stylish device.

Giada i53–High Performance Mini PC in a Small Package
Proof that good thing really does come in small packages. Smaller than a typical hardcover book, the stylish i53 is packing impressive performance – 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Full HD 1080p, choice of a 2.5” HDD or an SSD, Bluetooth audio, and a full compliments of I/O ports.
New Barebone PC systems will be showcased at the Giada’s booth. These systems are based on Intel Atom D2500 and 3rd generation Intel Core i5 and are designed to allow a custom assembly of desktop with user defined system parameters.

Giada F102D- Silent Performer with Fanless Design
A unique line of absolutely silent desktop systems Giada Fanless with fanless cooling and metallic chassis is represented with the F102D based on NM10 chip and Intel N2600 with TDP of only 3.5 W. The system is equipped with all necessary interfaces and thanks to its compact size of only 190x149x26 mm will have the minimum footprint on your office or home desk.

Giada ARM base mini pc Q11– The Best Solution for Android OS mini pc [see: Giada Q11 [Jan 30, 2013]]
The company will also demonstrate a desktop system Q11 which represents the line of new ARM based products. This device boasts ultra-thin fanless case with metallic chassis. The system is built on a 1.0 GHz Allwins[ner] A10 chip (ARM Cortex A8 platform) with a new graphics core Manli 400 MP4 with support for Open GL ES2.0 specification. The device is equipped with 8GB flash memory, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 2.5” drive and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also allows for optional installation of a 3G module. With support for Android 4.0 operating system and a double channel LVDS interface this system ideal for building TV-consoles for home, office and hotels, smart TV systems and broadband consoles.

Giada Barebone D300- More Easy installed for industry application
The focal point of Giada’s showcase is a multifunctional barebone system D300 based on the JC186 chassis. The D300 can boast with small size – only 236x182x50 mm – and is based on a hybrid module Socket rPGA-989, equipped with SO-DIMM RAM and a whole set of interfaces including COM, LAN, VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB, PS/2, IR. The system’s target area is markets of industrial control systems, traffic management systems, security systems and tracking devices, commercial terminals and other similar applications requiring small size, wide range of interfaces, simplicity and reliability.

You are welcome to visit Giada’s booth at CES 2013 in Las-Vegas, Nevada, USA from 8th till 11st of January 2013. The booth location is Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4, Booth 35275.
Learn more about Giada’s entire lineup of mini pcs at

About Giada
Giada Technology is the leading cloud computing equipment supplier and is a wholly owned subsidiary of JIEHE Technology Development Company, Ltd. Giada derives its name from the Italian word for Jade, denoting the companies commitment to developing and manufacturing high quality compact eco-friendly desktop PCs and Tablet with an eye toward energy efficiency without sacrificing features and performance. Giada products are distributed and resold through channel partners. Giada products proudly features AMD® and Intel® Core™ &Atom™ processors. Giada mini pc has various applications in Digital Signage, medical system, Bank system, Education system, Surveillance System, business, Restaurant, POS system, manufacturing and automation and Home Automation etc.

New device* products available before CES 2013 in the US

* i.e. excluding motherboards, graphic cards, chassis etc.

Before that only:

All x86, 90+% Intel, some AMD



Online Retailer


The company’s only tablet PC currently (March’13) on its English site: Giada i972

Unprecedented User Experience

Fashion and Innovative Products with Powerful Performance


  • Home entertainment
  • Home / Business office and a wide range of industrial applications
  • ARM Based solution – Rockchip RK3066 ARM® Cortex™ -A9 Dual core 1.5GHz
  • Operation System-Android™ 4.1
  • HDMI Output for 2160P HD video, “Better than cinema” entertainment experience
  • Wireless solution (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) to optimize your internet experience
  • Camera: 2.0 & 5.0 Megapixel
  • 9.7” TN screen with 1024 x 768 high definition
  • Capacitive Multi Touch (10 Points) G+G
  • Built-in External USB 3G Dongle

Company News

Giada Unveils New Flagship Mini Desktop PC, the D2305 with Inte® 3rd. Generation Core™ Processors, HD Graphics, And Features Commonly Found On More Expensive PCs [2012-10-18]


Giada Announces i35V Series Mini PC with Included mSATA SSD [2012-09-17]

Giada Technology F-Series – Fanless Mini PCs for Industries, Digital Signage, and Offices [2012-08-16]

Giada A51 mini PC – meet your second home PC [2012-05-21]

Giada Announces Fanless F101 with Intel Atom N2600 for Industrial Applications [2012-03-06]

Giada Announces i35G for Consumer & Commercial Applications [2012-03-03]

The company’s tablet PCs currently (March’13) on its Chinese site: as translated by Google

Giada I980 quad-core version

CPU: AllwinnerChi A31 processor quad-core (Cortex A7 Quad-core + SGX544MP2)
screen size parameters: 2048 * 1536
screen size: 9.7 inches retina screen

Giada I720 dual-core price king

CPU: dual-core processor (1.5GHz frequency)
system: Android 4.1
Screen size parameters: 800 * 480
Screen Size: 7 inch SD LCD

The Giada I971u dual-core version

CPU: dual-core processor 1.5GHz (1.6GHz Max)
system: Android 4.1
Screen size: 9.7-inch high-definition wide-angle LCD screen
Camera: Front 200W pixels / rear 500W pixels

The Giada I700u dual-core version

CPU: Dual-Core Processor 1.5GHz (1.6GHz Max)
system: Android 4.1
Screen size: 7-inch high-definition wide-angle LCD
Camera: Front 200W pixels / rear 500W pixels

Giada I971 Standard Edition

Screen size: 9.7-inch IPS HD LCD screen
resolution: 1024 * 768
Memory: 1G DDR3
cameras: front 200W pixel rear 500W pixels

The Giada I971e Value Edition

CPU: High Performance A10 processor clocked at 1.2GHz (1.5GHz Max)
system: Android 4.0
Screen size: 9.7 inches wide viewing angle, high-definition LCD

Giada I700v

System: Android 4.0
screen size parameters: 800 * 480
Screen size: 7-inch LED display
Memory: 512M DDR3

Giada I970s

Screen size parameters: 1024 * 768
screen size: 9.7 inches LED-backlit IPS wide viewing angle definition screen
dimensions: 242.5 x 189.1 x 10.6mm

The Giada I700e Value Edition

CPU: high performance A13 processor clocked at 1.0GHz (1.2GHz Max)
Resolution: 800 x 480
Screen size: 7-inch capacitive screen SD

Giada I800

System: Android 4.0
Screen size parameters: 1024 * 768
screen size: 8-inch LED display
Memory: 1G DDR3

Giada I690s

CPU: A10 1.2GHz (1.5GHz Max)
system: Android 4.0
Memory: 512M DDR3
Camera: 30-megapixel front

Giada I700 Standard Edition

CPU: High Performance A10 processor clocked at 1.2GHz (1.5GHz Max)
Resolution: 1024 x 600
Screen size: 7-inch wide-angle HD LCD

Giada I690

CPU: A10 1.2GHz (1.5GHz Max)
system: Android 2.3
Screen Size: 7 inch LED screen 800 * 480
Size: 199.4 x 122 x 11.5 mm

Giada I970

CPU: A10 processor 1.5GHz Max
system: Android 4.0
Screen size parameters: 1024 * 768
screen size: 9.7 inches LED-backlit IPS display

Giada I90

System: Android 4.0
Screen size parameters: 1024 * 768
screen size: 9.7 inches LED-backlit IPS wide viewing angle screen

Giada I70

System: Android 4.0
Screen size parameters: 800 * 480
screen Description: 7 inch LED capacitive touch screen
camera: 30-megapixel front

Giada N7-B (C)

camera: 2 million pixels
Video: HDMI1.3 1080P
System: Android 2.3

Giada N72

CPU: high-performance A8 processor clocked at 1GHz
resolution: 1024 * 600
screen: capacitive multi-touch screen
Bluetooth: Support

Giada N72L

System: Android 2.3
Resolution: 1024 x 600
Screen size: 7-inch high-definition screen
Screen Description: capacitive multi-touch screen


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