Allwinner A23 Dual-Core SoC: The most efficient one in its low-end category

Update: Allwinner A23, optimized dual-core ARM Cortex-A7, lower power consumption and lower cost [Charbax YouTube channel, Sept 15, 2013]

Here’s Eva at the Allwinner booth announcing the launch of the new Allwinner A23 dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 with Mali-400 GPU, they claim it to be the most efficient dual-core in the world. The new Allwinner A23 offers lower power consumption, better performance and a lower more optimized cost compared to the previous Allwinner A20. Allwinner products support Android up to version 4.2.2 with 4.3 coming later. The A23 will be mass produced in October to be shown in devices here on in the weeks to come. Allwinner claims to be the largest producer of ARM SOCs for tablets in the world.

Update: A New Weapon in the Tablet Wars: Allwinner Announces the Ultra-Efficient Dual Core A23 Processor for Tablets [news release, Sept 10, 2013]

imageAllwinner Technology, a leading fabless processor design company, today announced the release of its breakthrough dual core A23 processor for tablets. With more performance and less power consumption, the A23 is 2x more efficient than previous generation dual core processors.

To deliver ultimate efficiency, the A23 features a balance of advanced DVFS power management, lower power process technology, enhanced memory bandwidth, the energy-efficient ARM Cortex-A7 CPU architecture, ultra-low power talking standby, ultra-low power music playback, and more. As always, Allwinner is working closely with its partners to ensure that A23 tablet designs are stable and ready for market.

“Competition in the tablet space has heated up this year, and OEM brands need better processor choices in order to boost margins and gain market share,” noted Jack Lee, Director of Marketing at Allwinner. “The dual core A23 processor will help tablet brands win more business in highly-competitive emerging markets and in growing markets like educational tablets”.

Power, performance, and cost are critical factors to winning market share. Tablets powered by the A23 are highly cost-competitive, thanks to Allwinner’s expertise in highly-integrated processor design. High on-chip integration of peripherals like MIPI DSI, LVDS, USB OTG/Host, etc reduces overall system costs and tablet cost.

Allwinner’s core partners are scheduled to start delivering dual core A23 tablet samples in October. Early models include 7”, 7.85”, and 9” form factors with LCD resolutions of 800×480, 1024×600, 1024×768, and 1280×800.

Additionally, 2.75G (EDGE) 7” dual core tablets will be available for emerging markets like Brazil, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and more.

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Sources as of Sept 6, 2013:,, and

Launched at IFA 2013, in Berlin:

  • dual-core Cortex-A7, clocked at up to 1.5GHz
  • integrated Mali 400MP dual-core GPU
  • supports memory clocked at maximum 600 MHz
  • manufacturing node is not announced yet (the A20 is a 45nm chip)
  • will have an “amazing” power management solution which allows to play music at about 50% of the power consumption of the competing products
  • availability: already taped out, mass production in October
  • targeted to the mainstream low-end tablet market having WiFi and sold for less than RMB 300, i.e. $US 50
  • expect a massive offering of those sub $50 tablets in the holiday season from a number of core Allwinner partners such as Onda, Colorfly, Ployer and Teclast; as well as from the local/regional brands of other geographies outside China (different regions of Europe etc.), via the ODM operations, like the Shenzhen Neostra Technology Co. Ltd belonging to Onda

According to A Series SoC product page excerpt for A10, A13 and A20 (see the quatation given below), the A23 version could be a downscaled version of A20: 1080P video decoder vs. a 2160P one of A20; 720P@30fps, H.264 MP video encoder vs. an 1080P@30fps/720P@60fps, H.264 HP one of A20; and eLQFP package vs BGA441 package of A20. There is also no positioning for Smart TVs, while positioning for E-readers as well. It could also be pin-compatible with its predecessor, the A13.

… A20 is a dual-core multimedia application processor that is pin-compatible with the predecessor A10, and can be applied in tablet, smart TV, as well as MID field; A10s is relatively small in size and low in power consumption, making it suitable for HDMI Dongle. A13 is the first tablets processor in market that available in eLQFP package, and has been mass produced to power entry-level tablets. A10 is mainly used in Android box and various differentiation applications.


Allwinner Technology will Attend 2013 IFA in Berlin [Sept 4, 2013]

As the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliance, IFA 2013 will be open from September 6 to 11, offering excellent opportunities to learn about the upcoming changes and prospects for the future. And Allwinner, as a leading mobile application processor design company, will attend the fair and announce its latest product there.

Hope to see you there!


Note that the Stand 657-659 of the Hall 26 is listed as belonging to Topwise Communication Limited (鼎智通讯) which also wants to succeed with its own brand Comio since 2008, lately with Spreadtrum and high hopes in 2011 to enter the Top10 within 5 years. That was the reason TopWise/Comio attended the MWC 2012 as well as MWC 2013.

With this IFA 2013 appearance TopWise is much more in its classic OEM/ODM like capacity, so the appearance of Allwinner as an SoC company seems to show me a strong need to push high-volume orders from the European brands with a kind of joint appearance with Allwinner’s latest tablet SoCs for the holiday season. It is even more so as in its June 2014 job advertising only 260 people out of which 85% are R&D personnel indicated vs 400 given a year or so ago.

In the 2013 global tablet forecast [DIGITIMES Research, Jan 23, 2013] TopWise is defined among:

Some solution design firms (design houses) closely resemble ODMs, but are more flexible and able to directly ship PCBs to downstream assembly firms, as well as shipping whole units to brand vendors or channel companies that wish to affix their own brand; some also have experience of running their own brands.

with 2012 tablet shipments among the Top 5 solution vendors from China as follows:


This last chart is also clearly indicating that TopWise is a solution vendor mainly using Allwinner SoCs.

Note as well that according to the March 22, 2011 Investor Presentation by TTM Technologies, a leading total solution provider for printed circuit boards and backplane assemblies, TopWise was one of its customers in the cellular phone space:



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