Allwinner A23 Dual-Core SoC: record low component count for tablets providing Antutu up to 15,000, 60 days of standby, 8.5 hours of video playback or 60 hours of music playback time

Allwinner announced its SoC roadmap on Oct 10, 2013  which contained the following exact details for the A23 SoC:

imageQ3, 2013: A23 Dual Core

  • Dual Cortex-A7 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Mali 400 MP2 GPU
  • 40nm, nMBus [High-Profile Innovation System Construction] V4.5
  • Display Engine V2
  • CoolFlex [Smart Power Management] V2
  • Video Engine V3
A23 comparison with competing products (LVDS, MIPI DSI)


With it the currrent application processor portfolio of Allwinner is:

Earlier information was provided in the Allwinner A23 Dual-Core SoC: The most efficient one in its low-end category [‘USD 99 Allwinner’, Sept 6-15, 2013] post. A new Allwinner release is giving additional information:

A New Weapon in the Tablet Wars: Allwinner Announces the Ultra-Efficient Dual Core A23 Processor for Tablets [press release, Oct 11, 2013]

Allwinner Technology, a leading fabless processor design company, today announced more technical details for its highly anticipated dual core A23 tablet processor that stunned attendees at an official release event in Shenzhen, China.

Demand for the A23 from ODMs and OEMs has been hot since the chip was officially announced last month. Since then, partners with early access to the A23 platform have witnessed dramatic gains in performance and reductions in power consumption, and many expect to ramp up production as quickly as possible. image
The all-new A23 chip clocks in at 1.5GHz and delivers unparalleled low power consumption. Figures from early platform releases show Antutu benchmark scores up to 15,000. Devices with mainstream batteries can last up to 10 hours during video playback and over 100 hours during screen-off music playback. In addition, Allwinner’s newly designed ultra-standby mode enables over 60 days of device standby time and an advanced Talking Standby mode for low power voice talk.

The A23’s high level of integration also makes it an extremely compelling platform choice for OEMs and ODMs. With features like integrated MIPI DSI, the A23 platform requires a market leading less-than-260 components on board, reducing system cost and design complexity for manufacturers.

This video also features the Allwinner A23 PCB, implemented in affordable 7.85″ tablets and more, manufactured now by Pegatron and Foxconn, Ramos, Onda, Winn and many more. Allwinner is the leading Quad-core and Single-core chip provider for tablets worldwide. Filmed at China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong.

Look at the prestigous list of strategic partners, now including Pegatron and Foxconn as well:

image_thumb[2]FOR THE ROADMAP RELATED, PRE [4:30] PART SEE THE Three octa-cores and two more quad-cores to enhance the Allwinner SoC portfolio in the next two and one year respectively [‘USD 99 Allwinner’, Oct 14, 2013]

The major differentiators for the A23 SoC and tablets based on that:

A23 dual-core ultra-efficient dual-core processor A23:

A23 standby current as low as 2.4mA, local video playback current of about 350mA, black screen music playback current of about 48mA. In the mainstream with 3000mAh capacity battery conditions, can reach 1000 hours standby or 8.5 hours to meet local video playback or 60 hours of music playback time.


According to the competitive slide shown earlier IMHO:

  • Competitor8 >> Rxxxx8 Cortex-A9 28nm: RK3168
  • Competitor6 >> Rxxxx6 Cortex-A9 40nm: RK3066
  • Competitor1 >> Axxxxx1 Cortex-A5 55nm: ATM7021

From 全志发布双核“收官之作”A23,八核A8X将明年问世 (Allwinner released dual core “wrap up” A23, octa-core A8X will come out next year) [ blog, Oct 12, 2013]:

At the meeting, Allwinner Technology Marketing Center Director Li Zhi (李智) for the future tablet market trends predicted that by 2015 the total tablet sales will reach 140K, while the form [factor] of tablet product forms will also change drastically.

imageOverall tablest sales forecast


Expected tablet product form factors

As can be seen from the illustration, the share of single-core products will fell to 26% in 2014 from this year’s 44 percent, while in 2015 it accounted for only 14%. In fact, there were already some solution providers on this conference, who complained that for the single-core products of the past glorious A10/A13 now profits are getting lower and lower.

In addition, the dual-core products from this year to next year will maintain a stable development and will become mainstream. By 2015, the quad-core tablet will become a mainstream product. As for the eight-core tablets, it seems that the industry is not particularly optimistic about its future prospects, it is expected that by 2014 eight-core tablets will be mass production, while in 2015 their share will be accounted for only 7%.

Beijing [北京] Padandroid [派卓] Science and Technology [科技有] Co., Ltd. [限公司] general manager Wu Zhuo/Kuan [伍宽] shown on the picture, said that in the native Android system there is basically not too much optimization for the tablets, therefore the user experience for previous tablet products has been poor. Padandroid Technology provides a highly optimized A23 Padandroid UI [派卓UI], the sliding fluency has been increased by 40%, screen switching speed has been increased by 20%, memory footprint has been reduced by 15%, thus significantly enhancing the A23 tablet user experience.image表示,原生的Android系统基本上没有平板进行过多的优化,因此此前平板产品的用户体验一直很差。派卓科技为A23提供了深度优化的派卓UI,其滑动流畅性提高了40%,横竖屏切换速度提高了20%,内存占用降低了15%,大大提升了A23平板的用户体验。



which is the same as the “Desktop system” shown at

image北京 派卓 科技 
Beijing Padandroid Science and Technology

Padandroid [派卓] Science and Technology [科技] is an international leading intelligent terminal Android system software solution provider, which has the nation’s top team of product design and Android technology. Padandroid is committed to provide the best software products for the majority of the manufacturers of tablet PCs, mobile phones, set-top boxes and automotive systems. Padandroid products are ranging from the application programs on the top to the underlying system improvements, so that a variety of Android smart devices are becoming powerful and easy to use.

We let Android omnipotent!

From 全志科技“芯核革命”,在深圳发布低功耗高性能双核A23 (Allwinner Technology “cores revolution”, released in Shenzhen a high-performance low-power dual-core A23) [, Oct 11, 2013]

Tablet Internet ( A23 tablet partners will be introduced in the near future, how much their market price positioning will probably be, and what else can go on sale?

Wang Kang (王康) [Allwinner Technology Product Manager]: Current major brand partners are Onda (昂达), Teclast (台电), state-ming (邦铭), Ampe [Sanei] (爱魅), Sanei [Ampe] (尚伊), Hite Lake (海特莱克), etc. Allwinner A23 Tablet PC products will be mainly based on 7-inch, 8-inch mainly, most of the products price positioning will be less than 599 yuan (lowest to 299 yuan), in a second half of November, when everyone will be able to buy a Tablet PC using the A23 chip.

Tablet Internet ( : What is the forecast for the future development of Android tablet screen size?

Wang Kang: Larger share of the future Android tablets will focus on under 9-inch screen size. A lot of market data confirm this point. The larger size is more inclined to complex tablet PCs and notebooks, require more performance, Allwinner high performance processor also has to prepared, the corresponding product will be there.

Allwinner A23 [product page, Oct 11, 2013]

  • imageCPU frequency up to 1.5GHz
  • Music playback (offscreen) power consumption lower than 50mA
  • External components less than 260

Dual-Core Mobile Application Processor



  • Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core
  • 128KB L1 Cache
  • 256KB L2 Cache


  • Mali400MP2
  • Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 / VG 1.1 standards


  • Supports 1080p@60fps video playback
  • Supports multi-format FHD video decoding, including Mpeg1/2, Mpeg4 SP/ASP GMC, H.263, H.264, WMV9/VC-1, etc.
  • Supports H.264 High Profile 1080p@60fps encoding
  • Complies with RTSP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP, MMS streaming media protocols
  • Supports OpenMax protocol


  • Supports 1/2/4-lane MIPI DSI up to 1280×800 resolution 
       – Supports MIPI DSI V1.01 and MIPI D-PHY V1.00
      – Supports command mode and video mode(non-burst mode with sync pulses, non-burst mode with sync event and burst mode)
  • Supports RGB/CPU/LVDS LCD up to 1280×800 resolution


  • Integrated parallel camera sensor interface
  • Supports 5M CMOS sensor
  • Supports 8-bit YUV sensor


  • Supports DDR3/DDR3L SDRAM controller
  • Supports 8-bit NAND Flash controller


  • Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec
  • Two integrated differential analog mic amplifiers for headset and phone
  • Supports Talking Standby Mode for ultra-low power consumption during voice calls


  • AXP223 PMIC
  • Supports 21-channel power output and 2.1A Flash charging
  • Complies with USB 3.0 power supply standard


  • Supports Android 4.2 and above
  • Supports Android multi-user function

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