Allwinner is going for platform standardization by joining the new Digital Home Group of Linaro to prevent fragmentation of effort in the TV/STB/media space

From Linaro Connect Asia 2014 – Kicks Off in Macau [Linaro Blog, March 3, 2014]

Linaro Connect Asia 2014 opened today in Macau, China.   LCA14 began with Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, announcing that leading Chinese application processor design company, Allwinner Technology, has joined Linaro as a group member and is a founding member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group [LHG].

LCA14-305: Introduction to LHG [Linaro OnAir YouTube channel, March 4, 2014]

Mark Gregotski, Director of the Linaro Digital Home Group, provides an overview of set-top box technologies past/present/future, discusses key technologies and standards, and how LHG, leveraging ARM and OpenSource software, are poised to play a major role in this space.

Download slides, from which here is the Outline:

      • State of digital home media technologies
        • Past
        • Present
        • Future
      • Benefits of Open Source software and Standards for the
        digital home
      • Motivation to form the Linaro Digital Home Group
      • LHG mission and goals

Update: ARM Set-top-box industry overview by Informa analyst [Charbax YouTube channel, March 30, 2014]

ARM overtakes MIPS in the Set-top-box market as most of the Set-top-box SoC makers are showing ARM solutions, it’s about the ecosystem, about the platform, Android, Google TV, RDK, Wyplay, all of these user interfaces are being optimized for ARM, bringing cheaper and better more advanced and more powerful devices all at the same time. The TV market is bigger than the Web, as people still spend a lot more time watching TV than browsing the web in average. And the new features enabled by ARM, Android and other platforms, enable a lot more video-on-demand and other forms of interactivity on the TV.

Linaro announces Allwinner Technology as a founding member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group [press release, March 3, 2014]

Allwinner Technology invests in open source community by joining Linaro

Linaro Ltd, the not-for-profit engineering organization developing open source software for the ARM® architecture, today at Linaro Connect Asia 2014 (LCA14) in Macau announced* that leading Chinese application processor design company Allwinner Technology has joined Linaro as a group member.

Linaro has announced a total of 29 member companies working together to accelerate open source software development for the ARM architecture.

Allwinner Technology is a founding member of a new market segment group being formed in Linaro to focus on the Digital Home market. This group will be the third Linaro segment group, following the formation of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG), focused on ARM servers, and the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) focused on the networking equipment market space.

“China is a significant area of development for Linaro and open source software is gathering significant strategic momentum both in the local regional market and with global customers,” said Joe Bates, Linaro Member Services EVP. “We’re particularly happy to welcome Allwinner as a member of the new Linaro digital home group and look forward to working with them on open source software and on accelerating time to market for new products in this rapidly developing segment.”

“We are pleased to join Linaro as a founding member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group,” said Jack Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Allwinner. “We will take an active role in the organization and work with Linaro and the open source community to drive new ARM technologies.”

*Video of the announcement is available on YouTube: See Allwinner announcement at 24 minutes 28 seconds.

LHG Steering Committee [March 13, 2013]

Interim Steering Committee





Mark Gregotski



(UTC -4:00) Eastern Daylight Time

Glen Valante


Technical Program Manager

(UTC -4:00) Eastern Daylight Time

Labeeb Ismail


VP Software Development

(UTC -7:00) Pacific Daylight Time

Shiv Ramamurthi


Director Home Segment

(UTC -7:00) Pacfic Daylight Time

Eric Finco



(UTC +1:00) Central European Time

Hermit Wang


Software Architect

(UTC +8:00) Beijing Time

Ben El-Baz


International Marketing

(UTC +8:00) Beijing Time

Takehisa Katayama



(UTC +9:00) Japan Standard Time

Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) Wiki Pages [March 20, 2013]

Welcome to LHG’s wiki. This is a publicly accessible site designed to provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date on our activities and help us make our vision a reality.

About Us

The express aim of the Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) is to work on solutions common to its members, namely those related to open source software for ARM-based set top boxes, smart TVs, media boxes, TV dongles and home gateway products.

In brief, goals for this group include:

  • Preventing fragmentation of effort in the TV/STB/media space
  • Driving the implementation of platform standards for ARM Linux/Android-based media products
  • Creating a single solution place for OEMs, Service and Content providers to interact with ARM Linux platform providers

In establishing this group within Linaro, LHG leverages Linaro’s expertise in working collaboratively with the open source community and builds upon its successes. As in any Linaro working group, it will be composed of Member assignees, a Steering Committee and operational resources from Linaro (Engineering Director, Technical Leads and Project Management).

The LHG will align technical requirements into several broad categories:

  • Kernel (Linaro LSK, OE/Yocto, Android)

  • Media Framework (RDK GStreamer/Android Stagefright, HTML5)

  • User Interface (HTML5, Qt, Webkit, Blink)

  • Security (TrustZone, DRM, crypto, W3C EME)

  • Test and validation (LAVA, CI)

There are significant advantages to joining as a founding member prior to the launch, including direct influence over the prioritization of engineering work that will ramp up rapidly plus a $50,000 discount on the membership fee. For information about being part of LHG, please contact Mark Gregotski or Randy Linnell.

Learn about what we do

Our direction it set by the LHG Steering Committee. All work done in LHG happens in the open. The LHG-SC steering committee holds two wiki portals, one Internal restricted to LHG SC members and one public. The majority of the internal wiki gets published on a regular basis on the open wiki.


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