Allwinner’s first 64-bit tablet processor to hit the market soon 全志科技首颗64位平板处理器即将震撼登场

Allwinner expects to be able to show the development board for their ARMv8 64bit processor by Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to be held on 13-16 October 2014. Allwinner announced its SoC roadmap on Oct 10, 2013. In that we had the following information for 64-bit:

Q4, 2015: A9X

  • 64-bit Cortex-A53/A57
  • 4x GPU
  • 20/16nm, nMBus V7
  • Display Engine V3
  • CoolFlex V5
  • Video Engine Vx

In the below pre-announcement video it is now mentioned that the product could be market ready by the end of 2014. This means a year earlier delivery than originally planned. The technology node was however originally mentioned to be 20/16nm. As per TSMC Updates: 20nm, 16nm, and 10nm! [Daniel Nenni on SemiWiki, May 5, 2014]:

According to JK Wang, Vice President of Operations for 300mm fabs, TSMC will ship 300,000 20nm wafers in 2014 and 1,000,000 20nm wafers in 2015. The symposium attendees I spoke with confirmed 20nm is now in production with plenty of time for the holiday gift season.

So it looks like that the original A9X could indeed be released a year earlier which would bring an extreme heat to the 2015 market. Especially as in the video below it is also announced [0:19 – 0:38] that:

So this is a 64-bit tablet processor probably in trying to bring 64-bit technology to the entry level, also mid-range markets. That will be ready for the next generation 64-bit OSs right so, for Android L, next version of Windows [Windows 9] and so on.

In addition Allwinner is referring to “Juno” in its news release following the video. This means 64-bit big.LITTLE as well according to ARMv8-A Architecture:

The Juno hardware delivers to software developers an open, vendor neutral ARMv8 development platform with Cortex® A57 and A53 MPCore™ for ARMv8 big.LITTLE Mali™-T624 for 3D Graphics Acceleration and GP-GPU compute and SoC architecture aligned with Level 1 (Server) Base System Architecture.

Considering all that the pre-announced A9X will bring quite an upheaval to the market!

Available on the market by the end of the year, Allwinner announces they are putting the final touches to their upcoming ARMv8 64bit Processor, Allwinner has thus licensed the technology from ARM, aiming their design at the entry-level to mid-level market, it’s going to have Android L and next-gen Windows support, implementing all the advantages of ARMv8 not just the support for more RAM than 4GB, this includes more CPU registers and much more. GPU, video engines, specifics of the cores used and other features will be announced later. Allwinner expects to be able to show the development board for their ARMv8 64bit processor by Hong Kong Electronics Fair [Autumn Edition] in October [13-16]. Source::

News release from Allwinner [July 23, 2014]

With the rising requirement for 64-bit application processors, Allwinner Technology today is announcing that its first 64-bit tablet processor should hit the market by end of 2014.  A 64-bit development board should also be ready for demo during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October.


As a leader in application processor design, Allwinner is always dedicated to providing high performance SoC solutions with low power drain to mobile electronics.  Allwinner’s first 64-bit tablet processor, with its support for 4K video codec, H.265, and leading fabrication process, aims to provide a highly cost-effective tablet solution to ODM/OEM partners and end users worldwide.

“The 64-bit era is absolutely the new trend. As one of the most important strategic partners of ARM, Allwinner will team with ARM to take the lead in providing highly cost-effective 64-bit tablet solutions, ” said JackLee, the Chief Marketing Officer of Allwinner, “Allwinner has been the No.1 chipset vendor for Android tablets in term of chipset shipment in both 2012 and 2013.  We’re highly confident to take the championship in the coming 64-bit era, just as what we’ve achieved in the 32-bit era.”

“The ARMv8-A based processors deliver multiple benefits including energy-efficient performance and 64-bit capability while still addressing today’s 32-bit applications,” said James Bruce, director of mobile solutions, ARM. “Allwinner’s choice of the ARMv8-A architecture will help them provide cutting-edge mobile application solutions to address market dynamics, bringing benefits to manufacturers and customers worldwide.”

Recently, Linaro announced that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) build for ARMv8-A architecture has been made available for part of the Linaro 14.06 release. This build has been tested on the ARMv8-A 64-bit hardware development platform “Juno.”

As a member of Linaro organization, the Linaro builds of the AOSP for 64-bit ARMv8-A platform “Juno” and will be a key building block to enable Allwinner to offer a range of differentiated solutions across multiple markets.

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