[Dec 21, 2012] Or ONDA Technologies, Inc (its facebook site in English) is the leader of the Allwinner SoC opportunity as you could see from my Allwinner A31 SoC is here with products and the A20 SoC, its A10 pin-compatible dual-core is coming in February 2013 [Dec 10-20, 2012] post here on this blog.
Note: I am not related to ONDA.

Onda is first with tablet products based on the newest Allwinner A31 SoC with quad Cortex-A7 CPU cores and eight SGX544MP2 GPU cores. It made the announcement on December 5, and now its tablet products are available broadly in China as well as on some of the international retail sites (including Onda’s own). image
On Amazon China:

  • the 8” and 16GB Onda V812 with IPS screen is sold for ¥ 899.00 [US$ 144] while
  • the 9.7” and 16GB Onda V972 with Retina screen is for ¥ 1,299.00 [US$ 208]

More information about these products is in my Allwinner A31 SoC is here with products and the A20 SoC, its A10 pin-compatible dual-core is coming in February 2013 [Dec 10-20, 2012] post.

This leadership is also going back as far as November, 2011 with the very first Allwinner A10 based tablet on the market:

Android 2.3 8 inch Capacitive Multitouch Tablet PC SKU: CE0003B From Focalprice.com [TheFocalPrice YouTube channel, Nov 18, 2011]

Product Link:
Onda VI30W Android 2.3 1GHz 8GB 8″ Capacitive Screen Tablet PC (Black)
SKU: CE0003B Price: US$ 177.09

  • Supports the download of over 10 thousands applications program
  • Users can customize personalized functions
  • Automatically switch between horizontal screen and vertical screen
  • Long time voice recording
  • Free setting of background
  • Independent bookmarks and automatically browsing while reading e-book
  • Supports rotation and auto-play while viewing pictures
  • Supports double screen display function
  • Supports original handwriting
  • General Performance
Product Type Tablet PC
Brand Onda
Model VI30W
Operating System Android
Chip [Allwinner] A10
Processor Clock 1GHz
Display Technology True color capacitive screen
Display Diagonal Size 8″
Max Resolution 600×800
Built-in Memory Capacity 8GB
Input/ Output Connectors – USB Ports:
1 x USB2.0 interface
1 x Mini USB interface
– Audio Ports:
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
– HDMI Ports: 1 x HDMI
– Power Ports:
1 x Power interface
Communications support WiFi
3G Network
Additional Features
Audio Format Supported MP3, WMA, AAC, APE, FLAC
Video Format Supported RMVB, AVI, MKV, MOV, DAT, FLV
Max Video Resolution Supported 2160P
Image Format Supported JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Other Features Supported – Multi-touch Screen
– G-Sensor
– Game
– Brightness Display
– Energy Saving Setting
– Voice Recording
– Built-in Microphone
– E-book
– ITG Function
Package Details
Weight: 1198.40 g
Size: 20.5*15*5 cm
Package Includes * Tablet PC * Manual * Earphone * USB Cable * Power Adapter * HDMI High Definition Output Line

A month later it became available with the latest Android version: Onda Vi30W Android 4.0 ICS Tablet – Merimobiles.com – Allwinner A10 Ice cream sandwich ColonelZap [SchlumpfiHB YouTube channel, Dec 12, 2011]

At the time of this video the list price was $299.99 and the retail price $179.99 on this international site. See the review of this product there (if interested): http://blog.merimobiles.com/onda-vi30w-8-review [Nov 26, 2011]

The current tablet portfolio

The company’s portfolio is probably the widest (see the table below)among the mainland China competitors growing out of the previous MP or cellphone era (Ampe, Ainol, Eken, ICOO, iNote, Ployer, Sanei, Teclast etc.). The number of tablet manufacturing employees is currently more than 800 (see below) with which it is definitely the #1 in unit volume as well.image
Source: http://www.onda.cn/Tablet/Default.aspx and http://www.onda-tablet.com/buy-android-onda.html

As you could see Onda was using Allwinner SoCs whenever possible. Before A10 availability it was using Rockchip products. Then for dual-core selected an Amlogic SoC with which it was able to match Apple offerings first time. The AML8726MX also allowed the company to publicize quite competitive maximum standby time in hours: 320 (Vi30, Vi30W), 200 (V701, V702), 210 (V711), 180 (V712), 200 (V801, V811), 220 (V802), and 360 (V971, V971T). Note that while there is a widely held perception that Apple iPads have an up to one month standby time, Apple does not provide any such value officially. Only for iPhone 5 you can find that it has up to 225 hours of standby time.

Note that these are the Top 3 tablet SoC vendors based in China as shown on the 2012 estimate of volumes published in Nov 20, 2012:China top-6 tablet SoC developers, 2012 (M units)
The Onda branded tablets themselves are now widely available in some countries via resellers as well, getting lately even to direct Amazon offerings:

in Germany (since July’12): Vi40 Ultimate (A10) and Vi60 (A10)
in UK (since Sept’12): Vi10 Elite and Fashion (A10, A13), Vi20w Deluxe (A10), Vi30 Elite (A10), Vi30w, Vi40 Ultimate (A10), V712, V971, V811 – where the ones without A10/A13 indication are based on dual-core Amlogic AML8726-MX SoC.

As it is shown in the above table there are mostly Allwinner based tablets in the current Onda portfolio which also corresponds to the Allwinner SoC volume leadership on the China market. With A31 based tablets this will continue even more. With the introduction of V972 Onda also has a Retina display version competing with iPad Retina, while the V812 is quite competitive against the recent iPad Mini. Moreover those Onda tablets are offered for less than half of the corresponding iPad prices (the 7.9” iPad Mini is $329, while the 9.7” iPad Retina is $499 in the 16GB storage configuration on the Apple site).

In addition the Allwinner chips have competitive advantage in terms of video capabilities. The video player on A31-based products supports up to 4K (4096 * 2160 resolution) video, while on A10-based tablets the up to 2160P (3840 × 2160 resolution) full HD standard, and only on the A13-based products the video playback support is up to 1080P (1920 × 1080 resolution) full HD standard as in the case of all iPads.

Note that Onda’s dual-core tablets based on AML8726MX also support only the 1080P (1920 * 1080 resolution) full HD standard. For this reason the already officially known introduction of the dual-core Allwinner A20 in February, 2012 will significantly enhance the Onda portfolio as there will be the same up to 2160P (3840 × 2160 resolution) full HD standard support as in the case of A10. Moreover, because of pin-compatibility with A10 it will be much easier to upgrade Onda’s current A10-based portolio to A20 (and also keep the A10-based ones). We are talking about 20 models!

Manufacturing base for the tablet products

Quad-core are released [neostra news, Dec 6, 2012]

On 5th of December, Neostra’s domestic partners – Onda, officially held a news conference about quad-core eight [GPU core] remarkable tablet. This marks neostra is about to become the first quad-core [Cortex-A7] tablet manufacturer.

This product uses Boxchip-A31 Cortex A7 quad-core processor, the PowerVRSGX 544MP2 high performance GPU, Xpowers AXP221 power management chip. Both in terms of hardware, appearance, multimedia, video, and operating system have a great breakthrough. The selling point is very prominent.

Once called Shenzhen Songer Technology Co. Ltd, since April 2012 Shenzhen Neostra Technology Co. Ltd, the company had its ninth year birthday on Sept 17, 2012. The company grew from five to more than 800 employees during this time, and its current Company Profile says:

    Shenzhen Neostra Technology Co., Ltd was founded on Sep. 17th, 2003, who is the OEM/ODM manufacturer and mainly specializing in consumer electronic products which include Tablet, MP3, MP4, E-book reader.
Since its extablished, Neostra has been following the corporate spirit of “Respect and Love”, abiding by the core value of sharing and keeping learning in terms of teamwork, quality improvement and prompt reponse to customer feedbacks.
Our current export markets is in the worldwide. What kind of service items that we can provide are OEM/ODM, Industry design, Hardware and software design and strong after-service team. We thank for your growing with us together.

Respect and Love
Growing stably [in a stable way] into one of the world class enterprises in consumer electronics industry
Suppling user-friendly and quality products at affordable price
Core Value
Sharing value, team work, quality, keeping learning and prompt response to customer feedbacks
Business Philosophy
Producing high quality products and services by integrating talents, technology and sources

At the time of name change its Profile [April 9, 2010] described the company as:

We, Shenzhen Neostra Technology Co. Ltd, specialize in consumer electronics such as MP3, MP4, MID, GPS, Portable TV, Recorder. Two weeks is all it takes to provide you with up to 10,000 units of those players or GPSs or others. And you can be sure they will meet your quality standards since it uses ICs only from experienced suppliers, and manufactures on fully automated Yamaha SMT machines.

Our local brand ONDA is among the top three best sellers in China. It takes market share as large as 30% domestically. Every year we introduce 8-10 new MP3, MP4, MID, GPS, Portable TV or Recorder designs, with 1″, 2.4″, 2.8″, 3″, 4.3″, 5″ or 7″ LCD/TFT screens.

You can choose from the 30 CE- and FCC-certified MP3, MP4, MID, GPS, Portable TV, Recorder models Neostra currently offers. Or, just simply have its R&D staff create a new one according to your specifications. With an average of 7 years’ experience in MP3, MP4, MID, GPS, Portable TV, Recorder specialization, they can even create new molds and produce any housing you can imagine.

The monthly production capacity is 200,000 units [April 9, 2010] and minimum order requirement is only 500 units. Orders for 20,000 can be delivered in two weeks.

Hyundai, AOC, Acer, and Daewoo have been benefiting from its fast delivery and OEM services. So can you — contact Neostra today.

thus revealing its affiliation to the larger ONDA Technologies, Inc.

The neostra ODM/OEM brand debuted worldwide on CES2011, Jan 8. Not such a presence on CES2013. On other hand neostra has an ongoing whitebox business, such as with Southern Telecom in New-York for their Polaroid line of Internet tablets, already shipped four times (May’11, June’11, Feb’12 and Oct’12), They were last present at China Sourcing Fair (Oct 12-15, 2012) in Hong-Kong, so their ODM/OEM business is a flourishing activity.

The latest information: About ONDA Technologies, Inc [Jan 30, 2012] as translated by Google and Bing, with manual editions


Onda Electronics (ONDA Technologies, Inc.) was established in 1989 as the earliest in China to establish a national system of IT channel companies. More than 20 years in the IT industry, several major industry changes, Onda Electronics occupies an important position in the market. It has always maintained a close partnership with Taiwan and the mainland of China’s IT industry manufacturing base, and become Intel, AMD, nVIDIA chip-level leader in first-tier partners.
In recent years, based on the a good channel business philosophy and the strong support of international technical background, starting from the launch of its own brand products (ONDA) Onda, including motherboards, graphics cards, optical products and other digital products such as MP3 upto today’s full harvest [of products], the Onda team continues to enhance the scientific and technological content, quality, service, and actively promotes the diversification and individualization outcome of the application space. Many Onda (ONDA) products listed have been widely recognized by users and [have got] industry media praise, winning numerous awards from professional media. Now, Onda Electronics already has a wealth of IT solutions and aftermarket system covering the entire country, [as well as] the full range of Onda branded (ONDA) PC accessories (motherboard / graphics card), digital (MP3/MP4), GPS and other product lines, [which] have been in their respective fields in China [as one of] the market’s largest and most influential brands.
To date Onda has been established across the country with 32 regional distribution centers, 20 technical service centers (including 8 chip-level repair centers). Most of the products have [already] been across the whole country for 3 years, [having] offices and agents throughout China [in] more than 200 medium and small cities, forming a service network covering the whole country, and [reaching] into the local area.

Product Strategy

Onda’s biggest advantage is the ability to quickly and accurately respond to the industry’s technological and market changes, and [for] more than 10 years the key to [its] success has been its constant development of advanced motherboards and graphics cards, and other PC accessories. From price-sensitive desktop computer accessories to ever-changing digital products, Onda Electronics has always had an outstanding series of products. [Its product strategy is] based on the “people-oriented” service and design ideas, recognized by the market, [in order] to occupy an increasingly important position in the market.

On its facebook site [est. May 9, 2012] we have the following info:

History by Year

2012 Onda Dual Core Tablets

2011 Allwinner A10 CPU Tablet

2010 Android Smart MP4

2009 720P/1080P MP4 Player

2007 Jay Chou & Onda

2005 Color Screen MP3 Player

2004 First sigmatel 3520 CPU

2003 First Onda MP3

1989 Founded on January 1, 1989

On a related Alternative Gadget site in Singapore we have a more descriptive information page [Sept 17, 2012] about the company:

Why Onda?

Below are some accolades provided by the company itself:


Why Choose Onda? (Long History and well known in China)

ONDA Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989 and has had a strong manufacturing history of 20 years in the IT hardware domain. In these many years, Onda managed to keep its revolutionary role in the ever-changing IT industry, and built strong manufacturing relationships with chip giants like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other international partners.

Some accomplishments

2003 – Released MP3/MP4 players into the market.

2004 – Released first Sigmatel 3520 chip. Onda VX505, VX707 opened the way for a revolution in China’s MP3 market.

2005 – Released first MP3 player with coloured screens.

2006 – Countrywide first 2097 MP3 released, supporting APE, FLAC lossless codec.

2007 – Onda signed a contract with Jay Chou. Released MP4 player VX989+ that played RMVB codec directly.

2008 – Became local online customers’ number one choice, a yearly affair till 2012.

2009 – Released MP4 players supporting 720p and 1080p HD graphics.

2010 – First Android MP4 player released, ushering in a new digital experience.

2011 – Released first A10 chip tablet, with sales leading other competitor’s brands.

2012 – Formally released A9 1.5GHz Dual Core tablet VI40 into the market, starting the dual core revolution.

More to come…

Some international partners for its tablets. Some say the best in China.


Multiple awards, with good media and customers’ feedback.


Follow and obtained certification on many international standards, for the health and safety of customers.


Onda has the very best in-country digital electronics manufacturing facility, with a dust-less clean manufacturing environment and high-tech product testing equipment. Every Onda tablet has to go through stringent tests before being allowed to leave the factory. Therefore, every Onda tablet is a solemn promise of quality to the customer!

View of manufacturing and testing equipment within the factory

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