Allwinner is going for platform standardization by joining the new Digital Home Group of Linaro to prevent fragmentation of effort in the TV/STB/media space

From Linaro Connect Asia 2014 – Kicks Off in Macau [Linaro Blog, March 3, 2014] Linaro Connect Asia 2014 opened today in Macau, China.   LCA14 began with Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, announcing that leading Chinese application processor design company, Allwinner Technology, has joined Linaro as a group member and is a founding member of the … Continue reading

Microsoft to open Allwinner entry into Windows RT, for the production of 900 yuan (US$149) level Windows RT tablet

This was the title of 传微软开放全志进入Windows RT,为生产900元级RT平板 [第一平板网 i.e. The First Tablet Network, Jan 10, 2014], see its Google translation. There were two other reports as well: Google Translate and Google Translate. These two are the likely source of the following report in English, although the Intel name is definitely wrong and Inventec (英業達), an … Continue reading

Allwinner interest in 2013

Top 10 content as of Jan 2, 2014 (by popularity as per, page or post; also included in “whole year” 1st and 2nd tiers below): Allwinner A23 Dual-Core SoC: The most efficient one in its low-end category AllWinner A31 and A31s with PowerVR graphics Allwinner’s first big.LITTLE “Ultra Octa Core” A80 development board [Jan … Continue reading

Allwinner A23 Dual-Core SoC: record low component count for tablets providing Antutu up to 15,000, 60 days of standby, 8.5 hours of video playback or 60 hours of music playback time

Allwinner announced its SoC roadmap on Oct 10, 2013  which contained the following exact details for the A23 SoC: Q3, 2013: A23 Dual Core Dual Cortex-A7 1.5 GHz CPU Mali 400 MP2 GPU 40nm, nMBus [High-Profile Innovation System Construction] V4.5 Display Engine V2 CoolFlex [Smart Power Management] V2 Video Engine V3 comparison with competing … Continue reading

Three octa-cores and two more quad-cores to enhance the Allwinner SoC portfolio in the next two and one year respectively

Now after The Allwinner A80 eight-core big.LITTLE SoC is to come with an Onda tablet in November or December [‘USD 99 Allwinner’, Sept 30, 2013] there are further related news: Allwinner announced that their upcoming Allwinner A80 Octa-core SoC with four ARM Cortex-A15 cores and four ARM Cortex-A7 cores configured in a big.LITTLE HMP (when … Continue reading

The Allwinner A80 eight-core big.LITTLE SoC is to come with an Onda tablet in November or December

# # Onda eight-core Tablet PC (#昂达八核平板电脑#) [Sept 30, 2013 17:30 from Sina microblogging] 昂达微博:#昂达八核平板电脑#【震撼爆料:昂达将首发八核处理器平板电脑】昂达将于11月或12月正式发布国内首款八核处理器平板电脑。这款八核平板新品将采用全志科技即将推出的领先八核处理器A80。它采用ARM领先的big.LITTLE 架构,并将融入更为优秀的工艺制成,将带来迄今全球最强劲八核处理器。 @全志科技 Onda microblogging: # Onda eight core tablet # [shocking revelations: the first eight-core processor Onda Tablet PC] In November or December Onda will officially launch the country’s first eight-core processor tablet. The new eight-core tablet will use the … Continue reading