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Microsoft to open Allwinner entry into Windows RT, for the production of 900 yuan (US$149) level Windows RT tablet

This was the title of 传微软开放全志进入Windows RT,为生产900元级RT平板 [第一平板网 i.e. The First Tablet Network, Jan 10, 2014], see its Google translation. There were two other reports as well: Google Translate and Google Translate. These two are the likely source of the following report in English, although the Intel name is definitely wrong and Inventec (英業達), an … Continue reading

Three octa-cores and two more quad-cores to enhance the Allwinner SoC portfolio in the next two and one year respectively

Now after The Allwinner A80 eight-core big.LITTLE SoC is to come with an Onda tablet in November or December [‘USD 99 Allwinner’, Sept 30, 2013] there are further related news: Allwinner announced that their upcoming Allwinner A80 Octa-core SoC with four ARM Cortex-A15 cores and four ARM Cortex-A7 cores configured in a big.LITTLE HMP (when … Continue reading

Allwinner roundup — China Sourcing Fair 2013 Hong Kong

General impressions: China-based white-box vendors quote low prices for tablets [DIGITIMES, April 17, 2013] China-based white-box vendors have quoted tablets showcased at the recently concluded 2013 China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components in Hong Kong significantly lower than international first-tier vendors. Their ex-factory prices for 7-inch entry-level tablets stand at about US$50 and for 7-inch … Continue reading

NVIDIA, MediaTek and Qualcomm trying to get their hands on Allwinner–at least partially

First-tier ARM chipmakers reportedly planning measures to link up with Allwinner [DIGITIMES, March 11, 2013] Seeing that China-based ARM chipmakers, in particular Allwinner, are gaining an upper hand in the entry-level processor segment, some first-tier chipmakers are reportedly looking to form partnerships with Allwinner through a strategic alliance, investment or acquisition, according to sources from … Continue reading