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The upcoming Chinese tablet and device invasion lead by the Allwinner SoCs

Or a $99 Android 4.0.3 IPS 7” tablet with an Allwinner A10 SoC capable of 2160p Quad HD and built-in HDMI – another inflection point, from China again It is first time that we can see globally that China is on a different, significantly more effective price/performance/functionality trajectory of its own than anybody else. It … Continue reading


$40 entry-level Allwinner tablets–now for the 220 million students Aakash project in India

Update: An Anti-iPad for India [MIT Technology Review, March 11, 2013] Suneet Singh Tuli, the man behind the ultracheap Aakash 2 tablet, says the West doesn’t understand mobile business in the developing world. … We did a study to understand where the inflection point for PC deployment in the U.S. was: when did PCs really … Continue reading