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Expanding globally via first-tier vendors and at home via well known local brands

Update #4: after Allwinner A31s SoC arrived with the new Onda V818mini topping Apple iPad mini ($329) at far better price ($145 in China and $170 outside) [USD 99 Allwinner, March 2, 2013] Colorful was also launching a similar product showing of its equal importance as a well recognized local brand (a lot of other … Continue reading


Allwinner A31 SoC is here with products and the A20 SoC, its A10 pin-compatible dual-core is coming in February 2013

With it even Qualcomm was left significantly behind (see the latest status of its SoCs intended for the 2013 market in: Qualcomm quad-core Cortex-A7 SoCs with Adreno 305 and 1080p coming for the high-volume global market and China [Dec 9, 2012]) Update: A31 Introduction by Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd [ARM Partners site, March 13, 2013] … Continue reading