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The manufacturing side of the “Race to the Bottom” Ecosystem

Are you aware of $32 entry-level Android tablets available for local resellers around the world? Are you aware that this is the price of Intel’s upcoming in October 2013 Bay Trail-T Z3740 SoC, i.e. a chip only? Are you aware of the fact that in October such entry-level Android tablets will get a lower power … Continue reading


Hello world! Here is the Allwinner SoC and the ecosystem built around it.

Working for my trend tracking blog called ‘Experiencing the Cloud’ I recognized an absolutely shocking trend in early September, 2012 that here is a $99 Android 4.0.3 7” IPS tablet with an Allwinner SoC capable of 2160p Quad HD and built-in HDMI–another inflection point, from China again. As I worked through that it was also … Continue reading