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Microsoft to open Allwinner entry into Windows RT, for the production of 900 yuan (US$149) level Windows RT tablet

This was the title of 传微软开放全志进入Windows RT,为生产900元级RT平板 [第一平板网 i.e. The First Tablet Network, Jan 10, 2014], see its Google translation. There were two other reports as well: Google Translate and Google Translate. These two are the likely source of the following report in English, although the Intel name is definitely wrong and Inventec (英業達), an … Continue reading

Giada (杰拓) might become the most aggressive local brand expanding globally with the latest Allwinner SoC based products

With its latest Motherboard, Graphics card and Mini PC products launched worldwide in 2012 under the Giada (杰拓) brand, the JEHE Group (Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd) introduced its first Allwinner A31 based tablet on its home market. Given the relatively bigger size, portfolio and aggressive global expansion strategy of this Chinese company the … Continue reading

Is low-cost enough for global success?

Or, what Allwinner et al. and the device vendors around them will need in addition to the low device costs made possible by the SoC vendors themselves? (The new SoC market sweetspots established by Allwinner: the A10 is available @ $7 and the A13 is @ $5). In some markets, yes: Here Comes the First … Continue reading