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Allwinner’s product strategy in the smart OTT box market to grab more market share

After the A80 octa-core was released for smart OTT box market in 2014, A80 nearly dominated the professional gaming box market in China by virtue of its best features and performance. Allwinner’s long-term commitment to that market became clear last March with Allwinner is going for platform standardization by joining the new Digital Home Group of … Continue reading


Allwinner to continue the No. 1 position on Android tablet application processor market with the new UltraOcta A80 SoC optimized for premium devices, without the premium cost, also made universal accross other devices (TV box, notebook, smart TV, All-in-one and digital signage), and operating systems (ChromeOS, Smart TV, Windows, Ubuntu and Firefox OS)

Allwinner was the No.1 vendor in Android tablet AP shipments worldwide for 2013. So the company got the above China Partner Award from ARM this April. (Note that ARM knows exactly who is the No. 1 from the royalty payments.) And now Allwinner is going to strengthen its position even more with the UltraOcta A80 … Continue reading


Allwinner is going for platform standardization by joining the new Digital Home Group of Linaro to prevent fragmentation of effort in the TV/STB/media space

From Linaro Connect Asia 2014 – Kicks Off in Macau [Linaro Blog, March 3, 2014] Linaro Connect Asia 2014 opened today in Macau, China.   LCA14 began with Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, announcing that leading Chinese application processor design company, Allwinner Technology, has joined Linaro as a group member and is a founding member of the … Continue reading