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The Allwinner A80 eight-core big.LITTLE SoC is to come with an Onda tablet in November or December

# # Onda eight-core Tablet PC (#昂达八核平板电脑#) [Sept 30, 2013 17:30 from Sina microblogging] 昂达微博:#昂达八核平板电脑#【震撼爆料:昂达将首发八核处理器平板电脑】昂达将于11月或12月正式发布国内首款八核处理器平板电脑。这款八核平板新品将采用全志科技即将推出的领先八核处理器A80。它采用ARM领先的big.LITTLE 架构,并将融入更为优秀的工艺制成,将带来迄今全球最强劲八核处理器。 @全志科技 Onda microblogging: # Onda eight core tablet # [shocking revelations: the first eight-core processor Onda Tablet PC] In November or December Onda will officially launch the country’s first eight-core processor tablet. The new eight-core tablet will use the … Continue reading

Giada (杰拓) might become the most aggressive local brand expanding globally with the latest Allwinner SoC based products

With its latest Motherboard, Graphics card and Mini PC products launched worldwide in 2012 under the Giada (杰拓) brand, the JEHE Group (Shenzhen JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd) introduced its first Allwinner A31 based tablet on its home market. Given the relatively bigger size, portfolio and aggressive global expansion strategy of this Chinese company the … Continue reading